Q: How to connect with MySQL Database with Online Dashboard Builder?


Publish to the web

Before we really going into connecting the database and fetching the data, make sure that your database is accessible remotely to %.dashboardbuilder.net

Step-1: Go to you Cpanel and click the Remote MySQL link under the Databases tab.

Publish to the web screen2

Enter %dashboardbuilder.net in the host field and click Add Host button.

Publish to the web screen2

Step-2: Click the Database icon on the main panel of online dashboard builder.

Following screen will appear.

Publish to the web screen2

Under the Database tab, select MySQL from the drop down list of Database, Enter your host name, database user name and password, and your MySQL database name as mentioned in the above screen.

Click Save changes button

When you click the save changes, a green tick mark with Database will appear that shows that your database is successfully connected.

Online Dashboard - Preference screen

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